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2023/1/30 Remarks

Countermeasure of imitation products

The distribution of imitation products and other intellectual property infringing products continue to grow in the Chinese market. The distribution of imitation products may lead to decrease in sales of Yotsugi products and a decline in brand value due to inferior quality. Under such circumstances, Yotsugi has introduced a seal that employs state-of-the-art technology to determine authenticity and provide a secure solution tailored to the product packaging format. 

Characteristics of seal 

(1) Authenticity can be determined using only a smartphoneUnder normal visible light, such as fluorescent light, the image is blurred. However, this new patented technology has achieved the effect of confirming a three-dimensional image only when hit by a point light source. Since the image can be brought even with the light of a smartphone, anyone can easily and clearly determine authenticity.

(2) The image can be moved according to the angle of the light
When the light is moved, the three-dimensional image that appears on the seal moves in accordance with the movement of the light. This makes it possible to determine authenticity more intuitively.

(3)  Image confirmation is possible without being affected by the amount of ambient light
The user shines the light through a seal to determine authenticity, it is possible to determine authenticity stably even in a dimly lit environment. 

Video of a seal

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