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APRIL, 1934: As personal management by founding father Mr. Sanji Yotsugi (second generation president), was established Yotsugi store.
APRIL, 1938: As for electrical insulation characteristics, he developed work gloves which obtained excellent insulating performance than usual other products. Registered utility models.
APRIL, 1961: Yotsugi store was reorganized to Yotsugi store Co., Ltd. Because increased electrical directly live working, this bringed frequent occurrence electrical shock accident, we developed polyethylene insulating tubes for prevention those accidents, when acquired patent. Afterward we developed more products for high voltage electrical conductor-related, and acquired those patent.
MAY, 1963: We changed our company name to Yotsugi Rubber Co., Ltd.
FEBRUARY, 1966: Nagoya branch opened.
APRIL, 1968: Tokyo branch opened.
APRIL, 1972: We changed company name to YOTSUGI Co., Ltd.
MARCH, 1975: Developed marker sign sheets for prevention damage to lay undergrounding duct line, and acquired a patent.
JULY, 1975: As our production site, we established Yotsugi Rubber Co., Ltd. (Existing Yotsugi Techno Co., Ltd.) by 100% investment.
MAY, 1980: Kasai delivery center opened.
AUGUST, 1981: Okayama branch opened.
JUNE, 1983: Hiroshima branch opened.
JUNE, 1984: New headquarters building was completed in the present location of Osaka headquarters.
SEPTEMBER, 1987: Sendai branch opened.
MARCH, 1988: San-In branch opened.
APRIL, 1989: Kyushu branch opened.
MARCH, 1990: New Hiroshima building was completed in the present location of Hiroshima branch.
MAY, 1990: MR. Norihiro Yotsugi takes office as the president for the third generation.
AUGUST, 1990: Yokohama branch opened.
SEPTEMBER, 1993: Hokuriku branch opened.
DECEMBER, 1994: North Kantoh branch opened.
APRIL, 1996: New Kyushu building was completed in the present location of Kyushu branch.
MARCH, 1998: Moved North Kanto office to the present location and established as an annex delivery center.
APRIL, 2003: Reorganized Tokyo branch as Tokyo headquarters.
AUGUST, 2004: Osaka office acquired ISO 14001 certification.
JULY, 2006: Osaka headquarters, Tokyo headquarters, Osaka branch, East-Osaka factory, Yokohama branch and North-Kantou branch acquired ISO 9001 certification.
MAY, 2008: Mr. Naoto Yotsugi takes office as the president for the fourth generation.
Completion of new Tokyo head office building.
APRIL, 2010: Completion of new factory in Mie prefecture.
MARCH, 2012: Integrated Okayama office into Hiroshima office.
JANUARY, 2013: Integrated Kasai distribution centre into Tokyo head office.
JANUARY, 2013: Integrated Kita Kanto office into Tokyo head office.
JUN, 2014: Established YOTSUGI Vietnam Co.,Ltd (YSV)
MAY, 2015: Integrated Higashi Osaka distribution centre into Yotsugi Kagaku factory.
JUN, 2016:  Completion of new factory in Vietnam for YSV.
NOVEMBER, 2019: Integrated Hokuriku office into Tokyo office.

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